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About UWC Maldives

UWC Maldives is a registered NGO in the Maldives, which acts as the National Committee for the UWC movement in the Maldives and is responsible for the promotion of UWC ideals and values in the Maldives and for facilitating the opportunity for Maldivians to complete the two year IB diploma or participate in one of the many short course offered by UWCs.   

We have been sending Maldivian students to UWCs since 2000, in partnership with local charity organization, Alifulhu Thuttu Foundation. Students who successfully complete their GCSE O’level are eligible to apply for the scholarships. Students are chosen after a rigorous selection process which is conducted by an independent selections committee, consisting of UWC graduates and external contributors, serving in areas relevant to the mission of the UWC movement.

Individual UWCs usually provide full scholarships. However, over the past couple of years UWC Maldives has successfully raised funds from the Alifulhu Thuttu Foundation for partial scholarship offers to the Maldives. UWC Maldives also receives donations and support from Alifulhu Thuttu Foundation towards coordinating the scholarship program in the Maldives. 

Most of our graduates after completing UWCs have been awarded prestigious scholarships at the best universities all around the world. Graduates who have come back after undergraduate studies have contributed immensely in the fields of journalism, civil society, politics, health, business, education, tourism and creative arts.